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All About Me

Let's keep it real. I became overwhelmed, stressed, unhappy, and lost on how to fix my situation.

I was way in my head trying to control and manage so many things. As a single mother, home owner, working a Corporate America job, and trying to help my child with his virtual schooling while working 10-12 hour days, I hit a breaking point. 

I retreated from the daily rat race to focus on me, to begin to heal, and find myself again. To break down lots of walls and take off the armor I worn for so long. 

The difficult part was finding viable solutions that worked for me. 

Searching for something that would do 'that thing' I have not experienced was challenging to say the least.  

It is because of this continual search for 'that thing', I found singing bowls. 

I tried many things. Fake it til you make it mentality but it wasn't coming from the heart. I tried meditating but my talkative brain would not stop problem solving and over analyzing. I enjoy exercising but there were so many priorities that taking care of myself was low on the list so I would reduce my workouts to save time for something higher on the list. I tried guided meditations but to me it was just another person telling me what to do which required my brain to listen, process, and follow up with action. All while trying to relax which for me was counter productive.

I was showing up everyday but my intention was not there.

I went to my first in person soundbath and was in awe of the experience. It was hard for me to articulate but I felt better on a nervous system level. I was calmer. Less intrusive thoughts came through my mind. Weight was lifted from my soul. I wanted more.

That is when I decided to become a certified soundbath practioner. I wanted to share this with everyone. 

Without my trials and tribulations I would not have found my new purpose.

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