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Experience the healing power of sound therapy.

Optimal health and wellness is achieved when we align our environment, body, and spirit as one. Through sound therapy, I provide you with frequencies that promote your restoration journey.
Find out more below on how you can add this technique to your wellness routine.

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Fists in Solidarity
Meditation Group

Private Sessions

For a Better Today

30 minutes - $45

60 minutes - $80

4, 30 minute sessions - $150

4, 60 minute sessions - $290

Sound therapy sessions can be done in your home, at the park, or any place that allows you to connect with yourself and quiet the mind.
Call or email me today so we can discuss the right location for you.

Corporate Partnerships

Weekly Sessions
Contact For More Information

Calmer and supported employees are more engaged and can tap into their creativity to be their best selves. By adding weekly sessions for your team, in person or virtually, you will provide them the opportunity of a clearer mind which allows them to focus on their duties.

Group Sessions

Gather your family and friends and create your own private group session
45 minutes - $30 per person

Add this serene experience to your next gathering.
Contact me to discuss how singing bowls can add to your event.

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