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Looking for a way to calm your mind, relieve stress, and live in the present moment?

Soundbaths can do just that!

As a passionate Certified Soundbath Practitioner, I provide an experience that allows you to begin your healing. An experience that allows you to be calm and be in the present moment. An experience that opens your world to receive whatever it is you are searching for.

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As a Certified Soundbath Practioner, I provide frequency immersion utilizing singing bowls for a full body, mind, and soul retreat from the busy lives we manage every day. Wellness Frequency provides private sessions, group sessions, and corporate partnerships. If you or someone you know needs a proven way to relax, destress, release fears for better clarity and creativity, sign up for one of our sessions by clicking Book Online or scroll down to contact me with further questions.

I was unsure of this whole thing but I am so glad I gave it a try. Sound therapy has melted years of stress from my mind and body. The sounds are so amazing and this is something that has to be experienced. Thank you Wellness Frequency!


Saint Louis, Missouri


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